iMEE (infinite Movement Ever Evolving) was co-founded, April 2009 by Spencer Gavin Hering and Andrea Dawn Shelley. iMEE is a touring project company that is dedicated to presenting innovative, original contemporary dance works, featuring acclaimed guest artists from around the world. iMEE has provided quality art education through multi-disciplinary collaborations and full programming for audiences in California, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Italy and Bulgaria. The company has participated in several Festivals, including:

    •  Weekend of Texas Contemporary Dance 2009, 2010, 2011 (TX)
    •  Houston Dance Festival 2011 (TX)
    •  The Dance Gallery Festival 2011, 2012 (TX & NYC) 
    •  FestOval of Dance 2012 (FL)
    •  Palcoscenico de Danza 2013 (Italy) 
    •  McCallum’s 15th & 17th Annual Choreography Festival 2012, 2014 (CA) 
    •  Boston Contemporary Dance Festival  2014 (MASS)
    •  Mass Dance Festival 2014 (MASS)
    •  the black box INTERNATIONAL THEATRE & DANCE FESTIVAL 2015, 2017 (Bulgaria) 
    •  Great Friends Dance Festival 2015 (RI) 
    •  Barnstorm Dance Fest 2016, 2019 (TX)  
    •  Festival Internacional De Danza Contemporanea De La Ciudad De Mexico 2016, 2017 (Mexico)
    •  soMi DANCE FEST 2018, 2020 (FL)
    •  create.DANCE.florida 2017, 2018 (FL)    
    •  Mid-Atlantic Choreographers Showcase  2018 (VA)   

It is the vision and mission of iMEE (infinite Movement Ever Evolving) to (1) present and produce innovative, original contemporary dance works by emerging and established choreographers featuring acclaimed guest artists from the United States and abroad; (2) present programs incorporating a range of visual and performing artists in original works; (3) collaborate with other art organizations (4) provide educational opportunities and artistic enhancement through public performances, lecture demonstrations, Q & A sessions, master classes & workshops; (5) enrich and engage the mental perspective of audiences and community members by providing interactive, thought provoking, ever-evolving experiences in contemporary dance theater.

Through the innovative collaboration of artistic mediums, the artists of iMEE (infinite Movement Ever Evolving) remind us that violins can dance, sculptures can breathe, and dancers can speak."  – Erin Smith, CASA Magazine, Santa Barbara, CA.    
  iMEE  2019 
Company History '09-'18
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