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March 25 -

​​​​"Agatha Wright often employs diverging mediums to create choreography. Combining story boarding, film and improvisational techniques inception begins as conceptual narrative and is later translated to movement in studio. Collaboration between the dancers is also extremely important to her process. Much of her training in Graham, Horton and Balanchine style ballet technique is illustrated stylistically. Another important component to her work is the impetus to combat gender inequality. She is an activist, a mother, and an educator.  Through her choreographic process she aims at empowering and offering opportunities for women to express and share their stories."

"The March 25th session will focus on non-traditional methods as use for creative impetus and stimuli in dance. Using techniques of transcendental meditation, sensory exploration, directed visual conceptualization, and improvisation blank | SLATE by Agatha Wright allows dancers and choreographers to tap into the inner reaches of the imagination-through a deeper connection to mind, body and spirit. Movers of all levels and practices are welcomed!" - A. Wright  

photo - Maks Dikarev 
photo / Simon Soong
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